Review: Why Sex Personals Was Ranked #3

If not for a late surge from and, would be sitting atop our rankings. But don’t be surprised if next year they’re our #1 site. We have high expectations for the future of this site. It’s relatively new, so they’re still working out... Review: Why Sex Personals Was Ranked #2

We were all set to rank #1…until we discovered . As our review process was dwindling down and we had just 2 remaining sites, we were a bit frustrated. At the time, the only site we had to recommend was But we knew there just had to be a couple... Review: Why Sex Personals Was Ranked #1

Like banging hot chicks? Then you’ve come to the right place! is the most reliable spot for hooking up with hotties with bangin’ bodies. It’s absolutely amazing how easy it is to get laid on this site. It requires very little skill – just an understanding of what...