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There are many personals dating & sex personals scams on the internet. We tested the biggest sites to find out which are for real and which are frauds.

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Choosing Your Personals Dating Websites Wisely: Expert Tips and Tricks For Maximizing Your Online Dating Experience

Hey guys, welcome to – the only place on the web with FREE proven online dating strategies. We aren’t going to beat around the bush. You came here for advice on how to meet women online and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Our first of hundreds of important pieces of advice for you is to know what types of personals dating websites you should use. That all depends on..

  • If you’re ONLY looking for sex
  • If you’re ONLY looking for a serious relationship
  • If you’re looking for something in between or aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for

The reason we bring that up is because personals dating websites fit into 2 categories – hookup sites and traditional dating sites. Let’s say you’re looking for a hookup., for example, is not your best option. Oh sure, getting laid is possible on, but you’re better off using a site such as SocialSex. Nearly 100% of the women on SocialSex are looking for a booty call.

Avoid Personals Dating Scams By ONLY Using The Top Personals Dating Sites

Whether sex or a relationship is what you’re after, it is critical you avoid certain sites and know how to spot an online dating scam. Our Personals Dating Guide is written by experts in online personals sites – both hooking up with women and finding a serious relationship. Two groups of 3 men embarked on a journey to teach single men how to get laid and/or get a date. They each reviewed online personals websites and then came together to write about their experiences and successes in a Personals Dating Guide you absolutely MUST read. In this guide you will learn…

  • The online personal websites that best suit YOUR needs
  • The best way to score dates on EACH individual website
  • How to become a PHYSICALLY attractive male even if you are certain girls don’t currently find you attractive
  • Secrets about online personals websites those making serious profits don’t want you to know
  • Online dating myths and facts
  • Doing what 95% of males online are unable to; getting attractive to talk to you
  • Establishing a relationship
  • …and a whole heck of a lot more useful advice!

We know this isn’t the first place you’ve come for advice. And chances are you’ve received poor advice from other dating advice websites that claimed to be “experts”. So we completely understand why you might be hesitant to believe what we have to say. So here’s what we’re going to do…you don’t pay us a penny…for ANYTHING. The guide to the best personals sites is available right here on this website for EVERYONE – no credit card needed, not even an email address. It’s yours to read with the click of a mouse!